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When we handed her our passports she bluntly stated that it was too late to check in because it was 10:00 and the cutoff was 9:55. Cancellation was accepted but took some effort to do it. The one easyjet person that we could find had no clue and all he could do was try and hurry everyone up which added to the panic and made it worse. ", Points positifs : "RAS" ", Points négatifs : "En plus de cela , nous avons repris le même vol à Toulouse ( aéroport le plus proche ) : vol retardé et avons dû payer un supplément de 30€ car l enregistrement par le site n a pas fonctionné", Points positifs : "A flight es eventually arranged" Points négatifs : "The boarding was very slow and to seat to small for me. ", Points négatifs : "Baggage claim was nearly one hour long", Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed more than 30 minutes and it took the crew too long to address the issue. The first time: a shared hotel bar. Points négatifs : "Customs clearance que was ridiculous, a massive line that was slow moving. But being the NEO 320 the seat was extremely comfortable and for someone who doesn't sleep on flights I nearly nodded off a few times. I’m very upset", Points positifs : "Crew were good and the pilot got us there very quickly." 2020.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). Thank you for a good experience." We were kept in the departure gate for 7 hours without a proper explanation in English. Évidemment les prix volotea sont attractifs mais au moindre problème, des sommes exhorbitantes sont demandées. Priority boarding a waste of time and money. Points négatifs : "The staff took ages boarding us because they were obsessed with trying to scalp people for exceeding baggage limits. ", Points négatifs : "I had priority and my partner who did not was on plane first! Points négatifs : "Charles dGaul airport security was redundant and slow. Points négatifs : "Pas de respect de priorité lors de l'embarquemnt. Une fois le problème levé, l'enregistrement n'est plus possible car Transavia a envoyé le vol laissant tout les passagers restant sur le carreau. Points négatifs : "Left us standing for a huge time in front of customs and arrived late to boarding gate. Points négatifs : "No water(?) Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "Price" ", Points positifs : "The flight itself was quite quick and the staff on board were very nice" Even later arrival (no gate available). Rude, irresponsible, talking back to customers when they dared ask them a question, not caring about anything let alone the comfort of the customers, or advising them of status of departure. Points négatifs : "Delays are always an issue", Points négatifs : "Limited seating online Made you stand in long checking line 2.50 for a cup of Nescafé", Points positifs : "They changed the flight schedule and i asked them for refund and i did not get my money back", Points positifs : "Everything was fine" Long long queues, then continued to queue before boarding in the waiting/holding room. later than the scheduled time." Points négatifs : "Slow boarding at plane, seats are not reclining. Vol Paris – Palerme. Points négatifs : "As usual, the cabin crew is adequately polite, but not overly friendly, the food & beverage range is mediocre and overpriced at best and the entertainment is virtually non-existent. Very basic but ok for a short flight" Could not make out most of what staff said including why there was an hour's delay and safety procedures. Points négatifs : "Extra charges. Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour Sicile de Paris coûtait 10 € pour un aller simple et 43 € pour un aller-retour. Points négatifs : "The seats are not comfortable at all", Points négatifs : "FUYEZ WIZZAIR.... quels escrocs!! their staff all handle carry-on luggage discreetly even when slightly over sized ... Compliments to Volotea. ", Points positifs : "La rapidité" 2 ground crew eventually arrived. Points négatifs : "Anti social behaviour by a group of Asian lads", Points négatifs : "No air conditioning. ", Points négatifs : "Missed connections due to long delay. ", Points positifs : "Terrible experience. Points négatifs : "Check in at Antalya was late opening, very disorganised and seemed incapable of dealing with what is a relatively small aircraft. Oh yeah, and I ended up paying extra for my bags that were exactly the same as my husbands but he was not up charged. I keep myself busy on computer so flight went quickly." Book direct at the official Ryanair.com website to guarantee that you get the best prices on Ryanair's cheap flights. We queued along a corridor down a stair case and into the gate itself. No water then stand on a hot bus for another 15 or 20. Au bout de 2 heures cela commence à être désagréable. Points négatifs : "It was 2 hours late leaving. ", Points positifs : "All went well with no interference. Points négatifs : "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! ", Points positifs : "quick flight staff excellent" There is no information in my flight confirmation from Flightnetwork.com, which i purchased on kayak, indiciating that such a fee would be charged. Crew was lovely allowing my wife and I to sit together after not being able to do so online without more stupid fees." Decent price Nice crew Left a little late but still managed to arrive 15 minutes early on a one hour flight." Au lieu de cela, tous les arrivants (quelle que soit leur nationalité) doivent s'auto-isoler pendant 14 jours. ", Points positifs : "Extra legroom seats are a godsend (but that's applicable to any airline, not just Wizzair, although they do seem to have a few more of these than other airlines - low cost or not). Is to the plane and walk up the stairs, which seems like unnecessary delays. Take off and landing were both nice." ", Points négatifs : "Man at the checkin did not have a clue that WIZZAIR flight was delayed at 05/04/2018. Points négatifs : "Everything was good", Points positifs : "Late over two hours due to late arrival of the plane and even so they board us for nothing cauosng us to wait withot bathroom sitta etc. Bording we have to wait almost an hour and then all the people have to wait for the bus in a very Small place(like animals) then at the bus... waiting in a full one untill someone says ok to ride..", Points négatifs : "not charge me for carry on luggage", Points positifs : "fare" ", Points positifs : "Nothing" ", Points positifs : "Comfortable flight. Points négatifs : "Better boarding (lines too long)", Points positifs : "On time" Cet outil calcule le trajet de vol et la durée qui y correspondpour n'importe quel point/aéroport sur terre. £35 to check bags in", Points positifs : "Nice crew" They told me that I was slowed one checked baggage and one cabin baggage that would be charged about €40 if it was over 30 kilos (which it was not). Nothing remarkable good or bad. ", Points positifs : "Nothing. ", Points positifs : "Avion récent, équipage efficace. ", Points négatifs : "water is not complimentary", Points négatifs : "Poor attitude from ground service at the boarding gate", Points positifs : "Quick boarding comfortable", Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by 4 hours and we were informed about the delay until 20 mins before boarding. ", Points positifs : "The cabin crew don't know their job and don't care about security! Points négatifs : "Les sièges sont trop vétuste. Points négatifs : "See diatribe above. I’m pissed at your holier than thou attitude. So we got stuck seating at emergency exit and away from our children! La haute saison est en novembre et décembre, et janvier est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour Sicile. ", Points négatifs : "Changing in luggage information was annoying", Points positifs : "On time without any delay" Points négatifs : "Basically a mostly-on-time bus in the sky. I have no idea why they make you go through security again when you never leave a secure area. The check in was not smooth and we have to wait a couple of times. ", Points positifs : "All was just great and on time", Points positifs : "Price" ", Points positifs : "Straight forward boarding, friendly crew." Les Airbus sont plus confortables. La nourriture est chère mais cest comme ca dans les aéroports. The was carry on friendly and I would have fit it easily into the overhead while fitting my other personal item below. No facility or button to print boarding pass once checked in. Points négatifs : "Le site est perfectible. Points négatifs : "Pas 4h30 de retard", Points négatifs : "On aurait pu être à l heure", Points négatifs : "Encore du retard avec cette compagnie", Points positifs : "On se sent en sécurité. Crew members were nice." ", Points positifs : "The flight was on time, even though it left with almost 30 mins' delay (despite the fact that boarding was complete with a few minutes before the schedule take off time)." And when I realized that (also in line) I asked the Sky Serv employee who appeared as the supervisor, why are they not telling the people that so they can sit down, the answer was "we didn't tell them to stand up"!!! Arrivé a l'heure pour l'enregistrement, il y a eu une alerte au colis suspect, la zone est donc évacuée. ", Points négatifs : "No air conditioned 2 hours late Poor ground service", Points positifs : "Good legroom and comfortable seats", Points négatifs : "Couldn’t check in online. There's nothing else but a seat. ", Points positifs : "Gets the job done. I feel sorry for the big guy next me. ", Points positifs : "Rapide" This is done in the corridor on route to gate. Pfffft! ", Points positifs : "Good short flight" ", Points positifs : "I had a row to myself and it was a pleasant and uneventful flight." Points négatifs : "Je tout amaie", Points négatifs : "beaucoup de bruit au décollage. Et surtout tout le monde perd du temps à l'arrivée à attendre un bagage "cabine" mis en soute. Points négatifs : "Dommage en revanche que la livraison des bagages à ORY soit aussi longue ! ", Points positifs : "L’équipage était agréable, possibilité de changer de siège, arrivée rapide à Madrid." Horrific boarding method and rude staff shouting at people who were waiting patiently. Points négatifs : "They took me and my wife's carry on, that we had already stored in the over head cabins on 3 flights before this one and told me it was to big. They sent us a voucher for €10 for our next flight. pour moi c'est fini, une compagnie qui réduit les couts je peux comprendre, une compagnie qui n'aide pas ses clients est une honte, surtout en rejetant la faute sur vous. I will never book a flight with them again. "You paid for 1 bag, you will have to pay. initial delay, we eventually landed only 15 min. I had to run through airport, pay a 60 euro self serv handling fee and they checked my carry on when that was uneccesary. Points négatifs : "They didn't have blanket and it was very cold..", Points négatifs : "I didn't eat No entertainment", Points négatifs : "Coûts cachés. £90 one way from Kiev to Luton it’s a bit too much", Points négatifs : "Lost luggage. Points négatifs : "The seats werent the best and my seat didnt have a window. Volotea DID find and deliver the lost bag on the 7th day. Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed , no communication, no bus arrived at the gate to take us to the plane , no communication , no boarding process whatsoever , no communication , no apology offered , no in flight catering offered free or for purchase , a complete joke of a flight , my worst ever and I have flown all around the world including both poles ! 2020.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). ", Points négatifs : "the app is that that great, it gets stook. Worst of all, though, as with Ryanair - seat allocation. Exigences d'entréeRestrictions spéciales pendant la période de Noël : entre le 21 décembre et le 6 janvier, l'obligation de fournir la preuve d'un test COVID-19 négatif sera temporairement supprimée.

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